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Charismatic Episcopal Church - Asia August 17-19, Camp Benjamin, Alfonso Cavite

The “Go Forth!” Territorial Convocation of the Charismatic Episcopal Church of Asia marked a significant gathering that took place from August 17, 18, and 19 at Camp Benjamin, Alfonso, Cavite. The event saw the convergence of more than 600 representatives from diverse dioceses across the Philippines. Among these were the Diocese of Metro Manila and Northern Luzon, led by Bishop Ariel Santos, the Diocese of Southern Luzon under the guidance of Bishop Paulino Villavicencio, the Diocese of Visayas, and the Diocese of Mindanao, both presided over by Bishop Raymundo Abogatal, Jr.

Highlighting the event was the presence of the Patriarch of the CEC, Abp. Craig Bates, who travelled all the way from the USA. He underscored the profound truth of God’s love for His children. In his words, “We are chosen by God, and He has chosen to love us.” It was a call for us to be ambassadors of our Father’s love. The central theme of “Go Forth!” resonated throughout the gathering, with each plenary session conducted by Abp. Craig, and Bishops Ariel, Paul, and Raymundo. The attendees then engaged in breakout sessions after each plenary, delving deeper into the teachings.

The event fostered fellowship by providing dedicated moments for men, women, youth, and even children. Guided by Fr. Jun Penalosa, the men were reminded to have a character of faith and courage in accomplishing much for God’s Kingdom. Sis. Nemia Alcaraz and Pastora Esther J. Aleria led the fellowship session for the women, reminding each of their God-given abilities to do mission work. Abp. Bates connected with the youth, imparting his message to inspire their journey. The children also had an enjoyable time as they participated in the sports fest.

The Holy Convocation Mass served as the pinnacle of the event. Attendees united in powerful worship, led by musicians, choir singers, and movement ministers hailing from the different dioceses. The reading of the Gospel in various languages symbolized the unity of the diverse dioceses present. In this unifying atmosphere, Abp. Craig Bates delivered a fervent reminder that we are all loved by the Father, and we should take and share that love with every person we encounter. He encapsulated our very mission through these words: “CEC, go home and tell your friends how much the Lord has done for you!” The essence of our mission is to show everybody the overflowing love and mercy of God. The revival is already unfolding, but the question is: Are we willing to let the Lord challenge, convict, change, and lead us into the impossible?

In that spirit, the rallying cry was clear: “GO FORTH!” because revival is unfolding right now. The Spirit is at work in you and me as we fulfill our mission of going out into the world to spread the Good News. We are not alone in this mission because the Lord has promised that He will be with us every step of the way.

As the event ended, each attendee carried a renewed commitment to spreading the light of faith and love, holding firmly to the truth that in the paths where God guides, He surely provides.

Let’s go forth, Church!

Writer: Lala C. Espina

For more photos, please click here.


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