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“Love of the Word of God”

Today is the first Sunday of Lent and again we will revisit the Passion of Christ. Most or all Churches encourage us to reflect and meditate on this greatest act of God’s love; the giving of His Son for our redemption from eternal condemnation.

To love someone is to devote your life to that person of interest. It is to care about them, adoring every aspect of their life, and always being fond of them. Love is often expressed in gentle compassion and affection to another. And this must be our mindset in understanding the Word of God. God’s Word is the foundation of everything and anything, here on earth and in the universe. We must apprehend the nature and power of the Word of God. We must treat it with utmost care and caution; as I have emphasize earlier; we must give the greatest love to it. It is by His Word that we exist - and also by His Word that one can be removed from his existence.

And this Word is Jesus, as seen John 1:1-4. The devil cannot comprehend it (figure it out), as seen in John 1:5. That why the devil tried to deceive Christ. He did not understand that Jesus is one and the same as the Word of God. We must grasp (recognize) this mystery: that the same Jesus Who is in us is also this Word of God in us. Realize that, my brothers and sisters, it is at our disposal to do miracles, to create, to be productive, and even to destroy the work of the devil. He, the devil, is trying everything to deceive us, for us not to understand that this plan of God for us is to subdue and rule the earth.

God already gave us all the tools and means to survive and to live life to its fullest. God gave us His Son Jesus and also He gave His Word. The Bible is the Word of God and Jesus is the Word of God. Don’t leave Jesus in the closet or on the bookshelf where dust and dirt accumulate. Love it, practice it, use it, carry it, spread it, and emulate it.

And in this Bible we learn that Jesus has given us the Helper, the Holy Spirit, in order for us to understand (comprehend, recognize, appreciate, fathom, realize) everything written in it. As we carry it, study it, read it and even sing it, the presence of God through the Holy Spirit dwells in us.

There are many problems and failures in life but remember, my brother and sister, Jesus is greater than those disappointments and difficulties; don’t be deceived by the devil. Love, read and study God’s Word.

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