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"I Am Ready"

Have you ever been in an experience for which you are not prepared? Have you been hit by a ball without noticing it? Have you ever experienced situations you don't expect? Of course, we've experienced those kinds of situations in our lives as humans. We literally ask ourselves after those kinds of situations, "What just happened?” Those are the times that we are not alert and prepared. Those are the times that we don't know what's going on. Sadly, those are the times that we lose an opportunity to excel because we are not ready and alert.

For those people who love watching news there is a segment in the weather forecast entitled "I Am Ready." This part of the program informs us about the current weather conditions here in our country. It allows you to prepare yourself for the upcoming variables of the weather ahead. For students, you will not pass your exam if you are not prepared and ready for it; if you’re not, you will probably fail the exam.

Preparation is very essential in our daily living because it helps us to be more ready for what lies ahead. Preparation is also very essential in our day to day living as Christians, as in the upcoming season of Advent, the so-called Preparation Season in the church calendar for the coming of the Great Messiah. We must take preparation as a requirement for us to be successful in life as a human or Child of God but take it as an opportunity to use as a time to be molded by His word and doings.

Let us not be like those foolish virgins who did not prepare for their meeting with the bridegroom. Let us not be like those who took things too lightly, but be those prudent virgins who prepared, for they have applied their hearts to the meeting. Preparation requires our all, which means it requires preparation of hearts, minds and souls.

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