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"Purity of Redemption"

Until the day I was found, I didn't know I was lost. Yes, some of us were once lost. Even though we may not 'feel' lost, if we have no relationship with God, we are. Whenever we wander away from God, whether intentionally or unintentionally, God looks for us. To be found, we need to admit that we have been separated from Him by sin. Just one sin drove Adam and Eve from God's presence in the Garden of Eden (read Genesis 3). Most people have an innate desire to rid themselves of guilt when they know they have done wrong. There is nothing like a clear conscience. It is an important moment when an individual admits to God the sin or sins that he or she has committed, even though He already knows everything that we do or have done. And everyone who accepts God's gift of forgiveness is set free, because God is faithful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Redemption is rightly bound up with the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He redeemed us from the consequences of our sins, buying us back with a very steep ransom price. All of us were kidnapped spiritually by the devil but the blood of Christ more than covers the ransom in full. In Christ, we have been rescued. So if a person is enjoying peace and fellowship with God through Christ's blood, all sins have been forgiven.

'Redeemer', although just one of the many names of the Lord in the Bible, is so special to us. God is the ultimate Redeemer. We should not waste our lives, for God has already redeemed us. Redemption is eternal in its effects, it means everlasting life in the kingdom of God, so we must be thankful to God for His grace in saving and restoring us all.

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