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The mercy of the Lord goes beyond mere generations; it is forever. It has been established since the time of creation. God’s mercies endure forever, they never change or vanish. We are all loved by God, and through His mercy we all belong to His family. Even before God sent Jesus His beloved Son to redeem us from all our iniquities and trespasses, His mercy was always right there for all of His creation.

Today's generation has heard, studied, and learned of our God. We know the life of Jesus, who He was, and what He has done on our behalf. After we come to know all of the details about Him, do we seek him earnestly? Do we come to Him in humility?

The Syrophoenician woman said, “Yes. Lord, but even dogs under the table feed on the children’s crumbs.” (Mark 7:8) What humility she had! Do we come to Him in such an emergency situation, trusting Him that He will give us the help we need? Do we believe that He can answer our petition? Is our attitude and understanding like those who came to Him? After hearing of the accounts of Jesus, they kept asking and entreating (to ask someone earnestly) Him to grant them favor.

Most of the accounts of Jesus are documented and are being studied, heard, and remembered. As of today there are many witnesses of His mercy and compassion, as He grants many petitions and prayers. Miracles are being performed. What is our reaction? What are our intentions? Do we care for others? Do we care for our brothers and sisters, members of our Christian family?

In today’s Gospel, it was the second party that sought Jesus and brought others to Him for help. They came to Him on behalf of others. We have heard, studied, and known that prayer can move “mountains,” but because of the cares of this world, we forget what is essential, especially when we lack nothing and everything seems okay.

May our “eyes” be opened and may we have a discerning spirit and heart. Look at and understand what happened in the past, and what is happening today. When we see or discern that someone is in need, we need to reach out to help them. We need to pray for them. And we may even request others to help us to help them. We do not always respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. We sometimes fail to do what we know He is leading us to do, but the mercies of God are beyond our trespasses. His care and compassion endure forever. God knows us, He understand us, and He really loves us. Please don’t remain or become alienated from Him. He never counts our wrongdoings. His mercy erases them all. He does not leave even a hint or any portion or part of our sin to remain for us to account for. We are redeemed! God is good. Life is beautiful. ![endif]--![endif]--

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