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Walking in a transfigured life

Man has been so busy with so many things. Work, school, business, modernity — all have taken up so much of his time. The desire to climb up the corporate ladder; the strive to be financially successful; the dream of owning a big house ... all these goals have made man so occupied day after day. Day in and day out, he goes to work early and comes home late at night so worn out. These dreams are not bad. But we must be reminded that in everything, we must put God first! We must realize HIS Divine participation in all the victories and success stories of our lives. HE has made all these achievements possible.

The Gospel of Luke 9:35, in the accounts of the Transfiguration, calls our attention once more to our Father’s words as He said,” This is My Son, My Chosen One, listen to Him.”

Our Father invites us once again to LISTEN to Jesus, HIS Son; to stop for a while from our hectic schedules and take heed of His Chosen Appointed One; to take time out from our daily routines and LISTEN; not just hearing Him but really listening with our hearts and souls and living out what we have heard from Him, that we may not be conformed to things of this world but that we may be transformed into HIS likeness. We have to desire to live a transformed life to bring glory to His Name and to live a life daily that emanates His image so that our brothers around us may see Jesus in us and imitate us and bring God glory. Our Father invites us to LISTEN intently and realize that a transformed life is not just on Sundays but a daily walk — in our homes, in our communities, in our workplaces, in our schools, in the train stations, in the market. It must be our lifestyle. The old us that doesn’t care about a brother in the hospital suffering from a terminal disease needs to change into someone who makes time to visit the sick, comfort the dying and intercede in prayer for a miracle to take place. The old unconcerned attitude must change into a caring brother. We are invited to live a transfigured life.

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