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Second Sunday of Advent

The world today is plagued with hopelessness. We see people easily giving up over problems and difficulties in life. We hear news of young people ending their lives at a very early age because they cannot cope with the problems they are facing. They feel they have no one to turn to and no one to help them. They throw up their hands in the air, saying, “I give up! I quit!“ This is where we Christians are called to proclaim hope. This is where we are most needed. We are to be the bearers of hope to a world that is weary and gloomy. We cannot just stand by and watch this go on.

We are to be the light that casts out the darkness in saddened hearts. We need to be sensitive to what our neighbors are going through, always ready to extend a loving arm when they need one. We are to reflect the brightness of the light that emanates from the perfect true love of Jesus that brings back the smiles on the faces of God’s people, wipes away their tears, takes away the fear, and holds their hand in the dark. We are to restore their confidence and trust they have in Jesus, our hope. We are to usher them to our Savior Who has stripped Himself of His deity and become man, that He may bandage the wounded, lift up the oppressed, mend the broken-hearted, love the unloved and lift up the heads that hang down.

So let us keep our hopes high in the knowledge of who Jesus is to us! In this Season of Advent, we are to remind the world of the Good News that Jesus Christ was born in a manger for us, to bring joy to everyone’s heart that is troubled. We are to rejoice, for a Savior was born unto us and hope has begun for mankind! Year after year, we are reminded by this Season of the excitement brought to us. May it always warm our hearts to know that the Season brings good tidings, love, joy and hope! As we enjoy the beautifully lit Christmas trees, family, friends and gatherings, may we not forget to bring and proclaim the hope of Christ to each one!

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