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Day 24: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

John the Baptist (Mk 11:27-33)

Jesus’ question was rhetorical. John’s baptism was from heaven. His message was the gospel. He told Jews they should not suppose they could say they have Abraham for their father, i.e., think that righteousness is belonging to the right ethnic or religious group. When people asked what they should do (Lk 3:10ff), he didn’t tell them to believe in a certain way or adhere to a form of godliness, but to share food and clothing with him who is needy, not be greedy and take advantage of the helpless, not be involved in injustice and be content with what they have. This proclamation was from heaven in that it echoes God’s voice which said that true religion is to free the oppressed, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless and clothe the naked (Isa 58:6-7). There’s nothing wrong with creed, form, ritual or ceremony. But it doesn’t stop there. It starts and ends with following the self-giving, other-oriented, cruciform love of Jesus.

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