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Day 26: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

Today is called Maundy Thursday because it’s when Jesus gave a mandate: love one another. He, like the Father, doesn’t give a command He doesn’t observe. He tells us to bless because He blesses. He tells us not to kill because He doesn’t kill. That’s why He can instruct us to be like Him. John’s gospel says that Jesus loved His disciples to the end, i.e., utterly, eternally. He showed it by washing their feet, thus displaying His humble commitment to accept and correct their worst weaknesses. Also by sharing His supper with them whom He knew would betray, deny and abandon Him, thus proclaiming that even the vilest sinners are welcome to His table. Both acts are a demonstration of divine love by a dying to self and the giving of life for the good of others, which are the foundation of the Holy Eucharist. That’s what we assimilate into our being whenever we receive the Body and Blood of our Lord.

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