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Day 54: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

I will correct you and set the case in order before you.

(Ps 50:21)

I’ve always wondered how in the same breath it is said that God is compassionate, gracious, slow to anger, abounding in lovingkindness and forgives sin, and yet punishes the guilty and even visits the iniquity of fathers on their children and grandchildren (Ex 34:6-7). And then I realized our forefathers only saw glimpses of truth. But now in God’s Son, the fullness of grace and truth is revealed because He is God’s exact representation (Heb 1:1). Jesus is He who has fully explained God and made Him known (Jn 1:18). He is God’s final word and the one who settles the matter. In Him, there is no yes and no but only yes (2 Cor 1:19). He corrects and sets things in order. That’s why He authoritatively declares, “you have heard that our ancestors were told … but now I say to you …” Is God compassionate, gracious, merciful and forgiving? Would He rather die for His enemies than kill them? Does He deliver from all afflictions? Does He want fullness of life for His children? In Christ, as unquestionably seen in the cross, it is and has always been all yes.

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