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Day 72: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

“He gave orders to cross to the other side.” (Mt 8:18b)

Jesus told His disciples they were crossing over to the other side of the sea. He got into the boat with them. On the way, a storm arose and the waves were covering the boat; but He was sleeping. In panic, they roused Him, shouting, “Lord, save us, we’re sinking!”

We should realize Jesus was with the disciples throughout the journey. If a storm hit, it would distress Him. If the boat sank, it would also drown Him.

Our lives and our calling are like that boat ride. Jesus is with us all the way. At times it may seem like He’s sleeping but the truth is He faces challenges with us, suffers with us and is ready to sink with us (in fact He already died for us). Don’t be afraid. If He says we will cross over to the other side, we will get there, for He is with us. And yes, that’s how we also know we will get through this pandemic.

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