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Day 78: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

“He gave Himself for our sins to rescue us from this present evil age.”

(Gal 1:4)

After hearing Peter’s Pentecost sermon, the Jews were pierced to the heart and asked what they must do. He told them to repent and be baptized and they would receive the Holy Spirit. He exhorted them to be saved from their perverse generation. Paul echoed this in a letter and urged men to follow Jesus, who sacrificed Himself to rescue them from the present evil age. That’s why the Holy Spirit fills us, to displace the prevalent spirit Peter said was at work in those who crucified Jesus. The Spirit of God is not like the unholy spirit of the devil who accuses, condemns, kills and destroys. But as our Advocate, He stands with us, defends, restores, builds us up and gives us life. Walk in that Spirit and let Him be a river of living water flowing from your innermost being. It is He who will in turn make you an advocate to others.

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