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Day 82: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

“Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.” (Mt 14:27)

Water is a symbol of life and peace but also of chaos and things opposed to God’s will. Storms and tempests are a reality we face this side of kingdom come. The disciples were beset with such while crossing the sea. The wind was contrary, the waters turbulent and it was dark - a frightening picture of what we sometimes go through in life.

But the unchanging truth is that Jesus is with us in the storm. He walks on the water as King over the flood. When we have faith, that is, take courage and fix our eyes on Him like Peter initially did, we partake of the divine life, walk with Him on water and overcome adversity. But when we shift our focus, then we start drowning and being overcome. Yet He remains so He can pull us up from the clutches of death when we call on Him and give us the victory again.

As we journey through rough seas, may we not look down but keep our eyes on the Lord so we can walk on the water with Him. We will not fail.

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