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Another week has started and so here we are with another dose of our Monday Motivation! Now here’s a question I would like to ask all of us: How much do we really look forward to this new week?

If we are going to be truly honest, I guess not everyone of us is actually excited to welcome this week, especially when we all know that challenges continue to arise here and there. Several months have already passed, and here we are, still striving in the midst of increasing number of COVID-19 cases, continuous adjustments brought about by various levels of community quarantine, and all other struggles that we go through; including the silent battles - problems no one knows about - that each of us has been conquering day after day. But let me tell you that you’re doing great! If you’re reading this today, it means you’re alive, you have the gift of eyesight which some people don’t have, and that you have another God-given chance to live, to love, and to accomplish something worthwhile today.

Furthermore, all these realities just prove to us that, indeed, there are important decisions that we have to make in life, duties and responsibilities that we have to fulfill, and various trials and obstacles that we must face...whether we like it or not. There will be instances in our lives when we feel like giving up or running away; or times when we just feel like, “This is just not my day.” When you feel burned out, pause; take some rest; but never quit. No matter how cliché this already sounds, keep going. As we go through life with all its inconveniences, we develop within us endurance - that which we all need to get to the finish line. When we learn to persevere even in the midst of the most difficult situations, the more we appreciate the fruits of our hard earned labor. You may not really be looking forward to this new week. Still, have faith that together with the seemingly countless challenges come the numerous exciting opportunities to grow and to be a step closer to your goals. At the end of the day, life is all about trying...even when you don’t feel like doing so. Promise yourself that, starting today. Have an awesome Monday!

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