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The men of the Cathedral of the King always watch out for the first Saturday of the month. Historically, they would gather as early as 6:00AM to celebrate the Holy Eucharist. Afterward, there would be feasting on sumptuous meals which had been prepared by the ladies as early as 4:00AM. The Men’s Fellowship indeed plays a vital role in the strengthening of one another.

However, the ongoing pandemic has put a pause on the physical gathering. How longed for are those days when we would see each other face to face! Dcn. Solomon Espina especially misses experiencing the true character of each person expressed personally. He says, “Mutual encouragement online is possible, but experiencing it in person takes it to a higher level. I miss fellowship over food, not just because I love to eat, but because there's something awesome when it comes to feasting together.”

But despite the situation, the Men’s Fellowship continues every first Saturday of the month. Modern technology makes virtual togetherness possible.

Dcn. Ritche Jandayan mentions that "Men’s Fellowship now uses technology to ensure that we are reminded of our responsibilities to be the men in our homes and in the Church, [to be] at the forefront of leadership and initiative, and to make certain that our families and our brethren in Christ have the necessary covering.

“There is always a way if we have the heart to push through, and God will provide means for the men to gather in prayer and the teaching of the Word of God.”

The virtual Men’s Fellowship has been ongoing for over a year now amid many milestones. For Dcn. Sherwin Torres, his most memorable online activity during this time has been the Fundemic Drive.

“The Fundemic Drive supports those families and individuals who have been affected financially because of the lockdown. Though we do not see each other, you can feel the genuine concern of our men as we plan out and distribute funds. There is that spirit of volunteerism and initiative. Through this, those who receive help feel the love of the Church.

There may be uncertain days ahead, but the men of the Cathedral of the King stand strong in faith and prayer. Join us every first Saturday of the month as we face these challenges. Through our God, we shall do valiantly!



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