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April 17, 2024 Daily Dose of Discernment

Through Him, God was pleased to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven. (Colossians 1:20)

Paul writes here about God reconciling to Himself all things ("the world" in 1 Corinthians 5:19). Peter says something similar, the restoration of all things (Acts 3:21). There has been a lot of talk about this subject throughout the centuries. Some believe it, some don't, others are in between.

At any rate, many Christians are afraid and anxious of their afterlife destiny despite the abovementioned good news. We should never forget God's constant message: "Do not fear." Because "From life's first cry to final breath, Jesus commands my destiny. No power of hell, no scheme of man can ever pluck me from His hand." Let us not be ignorant of the enormity of His love because nothing can separate us from it or stop Him from reconciling us to Himself. And have hope instead of fear.


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