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Tonight marks another of many commercialized holidays. A tradition that was originally for protection from the unseen, a remembrance to those who came before us, and an honoring of the saints who have given their lives for the cause we fight for to this day. Its modernization has become a celebration of fear, embracing them, knowing that there are things we cannot control, or just an actual preparation for the next two “holiday-days”.

As we remember what this holiday is truly about, I pray that we as well do not forget the importance and the purpose of the things we do with our lives. Today might not be the usual celebrations due to the pandemic, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the good things that this holiday stands for.


“Dear, Heavenly Father, we thank you for this wonderful day in which we remember those who fought the good fight before us, and those who have been on this earth before us. May they find their eternal peace with You. We thank you for the lessons that You have taught us through them.

“We pray for your protection upon us from things seen and unseen. We continually pray for those who search for comfort in fear, especially in the midst of this pandemic when everything is new and nothing is certain. We pray for protection upon our frontliners who continually face that fear with great courage. We pray, as well, for your protection upon all of us as we anticipate another ‘unseen’ calamity, the typhoon Rolly.

“And we pray for you healing upon us all in every aspect. Amen.”


In the spirit of accepting the fact that there are things we cannot control and all we can do is pray, we urge you to do just that. Pray. PAGASA has confirmed that the typhoon will cause heavy to intense rain starting tonight even before it makes its expected landfall. They speculate that it would be just as strong, if not stronger, than Typhoon Yolanda. We urge you to take time tonight to pause and pray for the Philippines. We may be unsure if the situation would be much difficult because of the pandemic, but we also urge you to prepare by stocking up on goods, and to pray without ceasing.

Stay safe, everyone, and God bless!

Prayer: Elisha Añora Photo: Gabby Ramos


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