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Saturday, November 4: “True Light Accused”

Nehemiah 4: 2: “[Sanballat] spoke in the presence of his brothers and the wealthy men of Samaria and said, ‘What are these feeble Jews doing? Are they going to restore it for themselves? Can they offer sacrifices? Can they finish in a day? Can they revive the stones from the dusty rubble–even the burned ones?’”

The name ‘Sanballat’ means ‘accuser’ (the same as ‘satan’), and his ‘brothers’ are those who accuse just as he does. False light will often accuse the life of the True Light of being false. Their accusation here was that the Jews rebuilding the wall didn’t really have permission, and they were incapable of getting the job done. But wisdom is vindicated by her deeds (Matthew 11: 19). The answer to every one of the accuser’s “Are they? Can they” was a resounding “Yes!” They could, and they did. True Light always wins in the end.


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