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Day 37: Spiritual Food in Quarantine

As for Me, I have installed My King (Psa 2:6)

The nations are in an uproar. We'd be in denial if we say we aren't affected. We live in a world of tribulation and it does make us fearful. The Israelites being pursued by Egypt were, Paul in Corinth was and even Jesus in Gethsemane too. But fear, like temptation, is not from God. Like Jesus when He was tempted, we shouldn't entertain it but instead stand on God's promises which give us hope and strength. We can give in to the despair or choose to say, "as for me, I believe in the one installed, consecrated, anointed and true King who has overcome the world and is making all things new." Read today's lessons and be encouraged (Psa 1, 2 & 3; 1 Pet 1:1-12; Jn 14:1-17; Exod 14:21-31, where "Egyptians" represent not people but forces against God's will).

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