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A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS - Uno Roma Kitchen & Co.

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.” Colossians 3:23-24. This scripture motivates a family who, despite the pandemic, started a food business from their home. Many today have great ideas, but what if an entrepreneurial family possesses both ideas and faith? They have not only good recipes, but also the firm foundation of our great God who makes all things possible. I had the privilege of interviewing the owner of UnoRoma Kitchen & Co., a gifted young lady named Gianina David. I would like to share with you how God worked in her family and how Uno Roma become successful: Q: What is unique about UnoRoma? What is its mission? “Our tofu dishes set UnoRoma apart as they are meals you don’t usually cook at home. We aim to serve hearty and healthy home-cooked dishes.” Q: When did you start this business? “April 2020. It all started at dinner one night when our dad cooked one of the dishes we’re now offering on our menu. We were praising his love for exploring new recipes, and that sparked an idea to start an online food business, something that was booming at that time.” Q: Who came up with the idea and why? “My sister and I came up with the idea to start offering our dad’s killer recipes. It had been our family’s dream to have our own restaurant someday, so we thought, ‘Why not start now?’. Because we love food and we love to cook, we started planning and exploring. The following week we began marketing in our village and it was a success. God helped us, for it was His perfect timing! Q: From where did the name UnoRoma originate? “UnoRoma is our [residential] location, and Company stands for our family.” Q: How do you deal with the challenges you experience? “Since we handle everything on our own, if a lot of orders come in all at the same time, it can cause delays in delivery. But God always makes things work together for good.” Q: How does UnoRoma cope with the pandemic? What have you learned? “We follow safety protocols while aiming as well to satisfy customers in terms of quality and service. Also, we always allow improvement and we have the love for our products.” Q: What advice do you have for any aspiring entrepreneurs? “First, pray for God’s blessing and guidance, then START. I have this favorite line from a Korean drama that says ‘Pray first then make it happen'. Always do things for the glory of God." ===== After this year of pandemic everyone is slowly getting back on their feet, but we need to keep our hope and faith in God, and never give up. He is at work putting the right set of ingredients in place, not just in food, but in our lives. Let us give thanks to Him! Follow UnoRoma at #COTK #CEC Text: TESS A. MORATA Image: MEDIA MINISTRY CREATIVES


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