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Celebrating 29 years of unity and faith, the Diocese of Metro Manila and Northern Luzon of the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC) gathered on July 30, 2023, at the Cathedral of the King for a momentous occasion. The Diocesan Gathering brought together various churches from the region, including the Parish Church of the Holy Family – Novaliches, Saint Augustine Parish Church – Cavite, Saint Stephen Parish Church – Taguig, Parish Church of Saint Andrew – Muntinlupa, Mission Church of Saint Peter – Pasay, Mission Church of the Good Shepherd – Baguio, Mission Church of San Juan Evangelista – Pasig, and the host, Cathedral of the King.

The Diocesan Mass was a joyous occasion, symbolizing the unity and camaraderie among the churches of the Diocese. Bishop Ariel, in his homily, warmly welcomed everyone to the main sanctuary of the Cathedral of the King that is currently being constructed, emphasizing that this beautiful space belongs to everyone, symbolizing the unity of the faithful under one roof. He stressed that the church’s ultimate goal is to foster unity, just as the Lord had begun a good work in the CEC in the Philippines, assuring that He would faithfully complete it. The journey may include trials and tribulations, but the Lord is with us all the way.

The gathering was filled with jubilant praise and worship, as the faithful lifted their voices in gratitude and reverence. A significant highlight of the event was the introduction of the song, “Go Forth”, which will be the anthem in the upcoming Convocation, adding to the spirit of excitement and anticipation.

The spirit of giving and love was evident as the attendees were given the opportunity to contribute to the Project of Love, furthering the completion of the church building. The display of generosity exemplified God’s Church being actively built, not just in physical form but also in the hearts of the faithful.

As the day’s events unfolded, the bonds of fellowship grew stronger. As everyone gathered to share a meal, people from different churches mingled, forming new connections and strengthening existing ones. The Diocesan Gathering was not merely an event; it was a beautiful manifestation of God’s love and the unity among His people.

It was a momentous occasion for the Diocese of Metro Manila and Northern Luzon. The event was marked by heartfelt worship, inspiring messages, and a deep sense of unity among the churches. As the congregants partook in this joyous occasion, we were reminded of our shared journey and our commitment to God’s work in building His Church. Truly, it was a day to remember, filled with the spirit of togetherness and a renewed commitment to continue our mission of knowing God and making Him known.

Writer: Lala C. Espina

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