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Giving Back God's Blessings | Baguio City


On the 2nd year anniversary of Shepherd's Touch Ministry (STM), 16 members went up to Baguio City last April 29 to minister to around 289 people in Barangay Gabriella Silang, where Fr. Arnel Nuñez, Vicar of Jesus the Good Shepherd Mission Church CEC and his family, are residing. In collaboration with the Church, the STM members had intended to give away grocery bags to around 50 families. But with God's abundant provision, they were able to pack goods worth 750.00 each bag (from 350.00 budget). They added 5 more bags for distribution as donations happily poured in. 100 food packs were prepared by Fr. Arnel and wife Sis.Tina Nuñez.

So, on May 1st, 2023, at 8am, the STM team went uphill to Brgy. Gabriella Silang. The members had to bravely drive on almost-45-degree slopes. What an adventure! But with God's protection, they made it to the venue of the ministry!

One by one, people came and went through the registration process so that everyone would get in an orderly manner what the STM had untiringly prepared .

The ministry started with the reading of the Scriptures and exhortation by Dcn. Lito Robles. Dcn. Nestor Ison afterwards introduced the Shepherd's Touch Ministry, the COTK-CEC which the members represented, and why the Ministry members came. Dcn. Nestor then invited the people to an Altar Call, and they responded with sincere hearts. They showed and expressed gratitude for the charitable service rendered to them.

Fr. Adel Jandayan, doing his part, encouraged the people, including those who were sick, to trust God and believe for healing. He later laid hand on those who wanted to receive healing. He even went out of his way to pray for people who were bedridden. He asked for the Healing Grace and Power of our Great God in Blessed Trinity to flow through him as he prayed for the sick.

The STM team distributed Bibles to every family present and encouraged the family members to start reading the Bible for their spiritual growth. They were also invited and encouraged to attend Holy Mass every Sunday and to start to have regular Bible Study meetings in their neighborhood. Because of the favorable response received, Fr. Arnel is thinking of moving the Sunday Masses to the covered Court of Barangay Gabriella Silang, with the approval of their ever-supportive Barangay Captain.

The STM has committed to work closely with Fr. Arnel in shepherding the people in Baguio City.

To all our donors and sponsors, our heartfelt thanks for your support, in cash or in kind. May the Lord continue to bless you as you bless the less fortunate. Rest assured that the Shepherd's Touch Ministry will never grow weary in doing good, for we know that in due season we shall reap a bountiful harvest!

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