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The Miracle in Lorenzo Caleb's Birth

On my 40th week of pregnancy last Thursday, I had a check up with my OB. She knows of my plan of giving birth naturally (100% unmedicated birth) at our church's birthing home, but she expressed her intention to induce me already because she didn't want me to go past my due date to avoid possible complications. When she did the IE, I was still at 1cm and mataas pa talaga si baby. She said so many things like baby might be too big already, I have too much water, or baby might be in breech position, baby could be in cord coil, etc.. All leading to the possibility of a CS operation. When we got home, I called my sister and my midwife about it. Prayed and reflected on some scriptures. Then, God reminded me not to be anxious and discouraged. He assured me that He is in control. At around 12mn, contractions had started, and they were coming stronger. In a few hours, we decided to head to the birthing home with the big help of our dear friend Ymer. Got there around 4am with the whole team (The tres marias and our helper). When my midwife Mama Chato checked me, I was not even 1cm yet. She advised me that it would still take at least 6hrs before I'll be able to give birth. And so she told me to just do more walking and just relax first. I completely trusted her. She left us for her feeding program in Pasig, and at the same time, to check on another expectant mom there. We knew she'd be back in time.

But starting at around 5am, the contractions were coming in strongly and more intense. Intervals were getting closer and closer as well. While the girls were enjoying the homey feel of the birthing home, giggling and running around, laughing and enjoying, I was enduring the unbelievable pain of labor. Ever so thankful for the presence of my husband who massaged my back during labor, reminded the kids to comfort me when I was in pain, and became my "sandalan" and source of strength. I doubt that this experience of real family support during labor would have been possible if I were simply induced in a hospital.

In every contraction, I imagined in my mind the picture of finally holding baby Caleb in my arms. I was thankful for every contraction because I knew it was getting me closer and closer to our first-born son, making me utter "Thank You, Lord!" right after every contraction.

At around 7:30am, I could feel how close I was to giving birth. The intense contractions seemed like they were forever, but they actually lasted only a minute each, with an interval of only about 10 seconds. I knew so clearly that Caleb wanted to come out already. Fellow moms know this feeling.. As in it's almost there na! Mon called Mama Chato who was just 5 minutes away, but got stuck in traffic at the Boni tunnel. Even so, we knew that God was in control and that He will cause everything to happen according to His perfect plan and timing.

Mama Chato finally arrived and everything happened so fast. She checked me and said I'm already fully effaced, and that baby's coming out anytime! Hallelujah! Because honestly, I can't imagine waiting until lunch time anymore! While jacuzzi was being filled with water for my supposed water birth, she also prepared the birthing stool as back up. But actually, I didn't mind not giving birth anymore via water birth because I just really wanted to push right then and there. As I positioned myself on the birthing stool, with my husband as my back support, I knew this was it. In the previous hours, I dreaded each contraction, but this time, I wanted each contraction so bad so I could push my heart out already and see our Caleb! I pushed and flood of waters came out.. As in, Mama Chato was soaked! Indeed, my OB was right in saying that I had a lot of water! Parang water birth na din pala because of the water overload 😂 Mama Chato said that it will take just about 2 pushes.. And so yes, after 2 pushes, Caleb was finally out! Amazingly, the OB was right again.. Caleb had a cord coil around his neck, but because the second coil was stuck under his arm, he wasn't strangled. Mama Chato removed the coil and put him straight onto my chest, and I was in tears out of sheer joy and utter praise to our Creator for orchestrating such a miracle. He has done it again. I still can't believe this nine-pounder baby boy came out of me naturally and normally! Again, OB was right in saying baby's too big to justify a CS operation. But with God, nothing is too big. 😊 We feel so blessed to witness and experience God's hand at work through this childbirth. Despite the circumstances, from us having a broken car to my OB justifying a CS operation, God still made it possible for us to get to Mandaluyong all the way from Cavite on time and for me to give birth His way -- naturally and without fear. He is great and He is worthy to be praised -- no matter what situation you are facing and no matter what the circumstances around you are causing you to believe. I believe doctors are God-sent, and a lot of them do their work nobly. My OB may just have wanted to put me and baby on the safe side, but sometimes we have to set aside our faith in man and rely on our faith in God. We need to be sensitive to what He wants, and not just simply take the easy way out. God's thoughts are higher than ours, and His ways are higher than ours. We need to let Him do the work. Thank you, Mama Chato, for once again letting God use you mightily in bringing forth life. You are such an inspiration! Happy Birthday, too, today! 😘 Thank you for rejoicing with us as we welcome our first-born son, Lorenzo Caleb, to God's beautiful world! His life is a testimony of God's amazing love and faithfulness.

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