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"Purity of Contentment"

“Inflation seen peaking at 7.4% in December 2018” ran an article in the October 5 Business Section in the Philippine Star. “Oh no!” my officemate, a mother of one, muttered in frustration. “Wala na naman ang budget namin.”

And the headlines filling the ensuing issues of national newspapers tell us that the country is reeling from successive punches to the gut, chin, and head (think Pacquiao's lead hooks) brought by back-to-back price increases in oil, food, commodities, and utilities. Even the neighborhood palengke, once the bastion of murang bilihin or mababang presyo, now seems like a dream from the past.

Discontent is everywhere. Lord, have mercy.

What do we do with this dark cloud hanging over the country? What do we do with the responsibilities we carry that seem to be growing heavier and heavier by the day? What do we do when the future seems less bright and our hard labor is seemingly without respite? What do we do when the value of every peso is depreciating faster than we can earn it?


Stop and stay. Be quiet. Take a deep breath. In the stillness of our hearts and spirits is the quiet whisper of God: “Seek the Lord and live . . . Seek good and not evil that you may live . . . Hate evil, love good . . .” (Amos 5:6a, 14a, 15a)

The events happening day to day is Wisdom in the streets speaking to each one of us. Evaluate. Take stock. Keep our needs simple, our wants few. What matters most in our earthly living is seeking Him. And without doubt, we will find Him—our True Rest and our Pure Contentment.

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